We use the latest window cleaning technology to safety and effectively clean windows. We pride ourselves on our Quality and Friendly service. Our team are trained to treat all property with the highest respect.

Exterior Window Cleaning 

Using our professional water feed pole cleaning system, we clean your exterior windows from the safety of the ground. Highly cost effective cleaning up to 3 stories from the ground!

Our exterior window cleaning system uses the latest water filtering technology to remove all impurities in our water supply. We are left with Pure H20! This means any water that dries on the glass will be spot free and your windows are left sparkling. 

We simply plug our filter system straight into your garden tap and away we go!

Interior Window Cleaning

Interior windows require a more traditional approach. Soap and a squeegee is how we clean interior windows, we DO NOT spray and wipe interior windows. We clean them the professional way. 

Our interior window cleaning equipment is the latest professional gear allowing us to clean efficiently and effectively with no mess. Any excess water or drips on the window frames are immediately wiped away with our lint free towels.



Cleaning your windows inside and out and be an arduous task we offer affordable window cleaning house packages as well as the opportunity to split your payments across monthly payment plans.


1-3 bedroom house. Exterior and Interior
60 – 180 m2 floor area. $139.00

4 Bedroom house. Exterior and Interior.
180 – 280 m2 floor area. $159.00

5 bedroom house. Exterior and Interior.
Single storey home 280 – 350 m2 floor area. $189.00

Extra-large house. Exterior and Interior. 
350 m2+ floor area. POA


Commercial window cleaning: POA


Prices exclude GST. Prices apply to any residential home within 20km of Palmerston North Airport. A small travel fee may apply outside this radius.