Exterior Cleaning Services

Commercial Building Washing

Protect  your  precious  investment  with  our  expert  washing  service.  Experience  professional  results  with  our  dedicated  friendly  team.

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House soft washing

Restore  or  maintain  your  biggest  asset  with  our  gentle,  low  pressure  soft  wash  process.  Let  our  experienced  team  take  the  hassle  out  of  washing  your  house.

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Roof Treatment

Effective treatments for removal  of  built  up  moss,  mould  and  lichen.

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Hot Wash

Turn  up  the  heat!  Our  industrial  strength  hot  water  blasting  system  operates  up  to  90  C  and  is  designed  to  tackle  the  toughest  cleaning  jobs.

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Water Blasting

With  our  powerful  hot  water  system  we  can  quickly  and  effectively  water  blast  and  deep  clean  a  range  of  surfaces  such  as  carparks,  driveways  and  paths. 

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Window Cleaning

We use the latest technology to clean windows inside and out. High windows are no match for our filtered water window cleaning system.

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Additional Services

  • Spider/ insect treatment
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Fleet washing
  • Heavy machinery washing
  • Dairy shed cleaning
  • Wool shed cleaning
  • Fence restoration 
  • Deck restoration 
  • Workshop floors

please ask if you require a specialised cleaning service