Do you water blast my house or building when you wash it?

No. We use a gentle soft washing process at low pressure. Water blasting your house at high pressure can not only cause serious damage to your paint and cladding but at high pressure the water can find its way into crack and cavities and get into your walls

Can you wash tall/large buildings?

Yes. We specialise in washing commercial buildings. Our industrial equipment has the capability to reach high spots and hard to get to places. We are also trained and certified in the use of high reach equipment such as cherry pickers.


Are the cleaning products harmful?

Our cleaning products, when applied correctly, are not harmful to you, your pets or your plants. We take a strong stance on environmental safety and use bio degradable products and environmentally safe techniques.


Will the washing process damage my paint?

No. Our cleaning process is designed to in fact prolong the life of your paint. The soft wash process in non abrasive and our cleaning products are not harmful to paint. Many house wash products developed by paint companies specifically for cleaning their paint contain the same ingredients we use. We always test a small inconspicuous area first.


How often should I wash my house or building?

We of course recommend regular washing but don’t just take our word for it the following is from BRANZ Exterior wall maintenance guide:

“Wash down the exterior buildings yearly. Increase cleaning frequency to 3-monthly in geothermal or severe marine areas. Where unpainted steel cladding is used, wash down areas not rain-washed at 6-monthly intervals.”


What certifications/ insurance to you hold?

We carry comprehensive insurance for the purpose of conducting our services. We carry public liability insurance. Our staff hold the following certifications, NZTA Level 1 Traffic control, Safety N Action (working at heights), Safety N Action (permit receiver).


How do you remove moss, mould and lichen from my roof without damaging it?

Our moss, mould and lichen treatment is a highly effective “treat and leave” process. We spray our specially formulated product and then mother nature does the rest. The growth usually takes 1-4 months to fall off but it may take up to 12 months to see the full effect. Once treated your roof should be free of moss and lichen for up to 3 years.


Can’t I just water blast my driveway, paths, deck or fence myself?

Of course you can. But just keep in mind, the professionals make it look easy, because for us it is! Our industrial water blaster is an impressive machine that even the most expensive store bought units cant compete with. What may take a DIYer a whole day, we can achieve in a couple of hours and with far superior results.