Whether you own or lease a commercial building. Regular washing of the exterior is crucial for maintaining its appearance and performance.
At Central Property Wash we specialise in washing commercial buildings including claddings, joinery and roofs. We can safely get to hard to reach places; our experienced team are certified in Working at heights.

Based in Palmerston North we offer our exterior cleaning and building wash services throughout Manawatu, Whanganui, Rangitikei and the Kapiti Coast. Contact us for areas outside of these locations.
Did you know? We can clean and sanitise the inside of large open buildings and factories including floors in between leases with our hot wash service.


There is no doubt our job involves Health and Safety implications. We are dedicated to not only our own workplace safety but yours as well.

Specialised equipment

Our custom built industrial hot & cold water system is designed for a range of high and low pressure washing applications, whether you require a gentle maintenance wash or a heavy duty clean we have the specialist equipment and know how to quickly and efficiently get the job done.

Scheduled maintenance

Schedule your building washing with Central Property Wash and leave it to us to keep your building protected and looking its best all year round.


Our experienced team carry the following certifications ready to adapt to any situation: 
NZTA Level 1 Traffic control
Safety N Action Working at heights
Safety N Action Permit receiver


Central Property Wash takes a strong stance on environmental safety. We use bio-degradable washing products; safe on people pets and plants. Our team are trained in the correct application of our cleaning products to ensure we protect our environment. In many cases our 90 C hot wash is suitable for tough cleaning jobs whilst using no chemicals at all.

After hours service

We offer a highly convenient after hours service to ensure there is no disruption to your usual day to day business activities.


Central Property Wash have comprehensive insurance in place. Please contact us to find out more.

We welcome all building owners and property managers to get in touch to discuss your options. Try us once and we are confident you’ll have us back again