We understand that you as a Manawatu business owner tend to forget about cleaning and maintaining your parking lot. You’re busy enough as it is! However here’s 5 reasons why its critical to service your car parks with high pressure hot and/or cold water blasting


Lets start with the obvious. Oil leaks, gas leaks, worn tires, moss, mould and other grime can be an un welcoming sight to your valued customers. First impressions are everything so impress your customers from the moment they step out of their car. Customer do pay attention to peripherals and a clean parking lot tells your patrons you take pride in your business.
At Central Property Wash we have specialised industrial hot water blasting equipment designed to break down and lift oil, grease, grime and even chewing gum leaving the surfaces both clean and sanitised.

Health & Safety

Under the Health and Safety Act business owners must identify existing or potential hazards and eliminate or isolate the hazards where possible for both their staff and the public. Failing to do so could result in hefty fines should an employee or member of the public slip over on a dirty un-maintained surface. Avoid any repercussions and protect your employees and customers before it’s too late


Left un treated car parks are breeding grounds for bacteria and mould. This bacteria and mould can be transferred by foot into your premises leaving a difficult job for your regular cleaning staff to truly clean your floors to an acceptable hygienic standard.

At Professional Water Blasting services our industrial hot water blasting system blasts out steaming hot water up to 90 C (near boiling). This will sanitise the surfaces deep into the pores providing a clean, safe environment inside and out at your location.


Regular cleaning and maintenance of your parking surfaces can prevent blockages in storm water sumps and improve drainage. This will minimise water pooling which can over time, deteriorate concrete and asphalt. Furthermore a clean surface will be free of toxin build up and improve the durability of the surface