One of the most important chores you can give yourself around the home is a thorough gutter clean. Let’s be honest. This is not a very appealing job by all means, but it is certainly important. Gutters are designed to collect and direct the flow of water from your roof and away from your house. Clogged gutters can redirect the water back into your roof and wall cavities and will create an expensive exercise to have the water damaged areas repaired.

Here are 5 reasons to keep your gutters clean

Keep out pests

Without the elimination of leaves, twigs and other debris, this will then become a common breeding ground for spiders, mice and other pests building nests in a bed full of leaves. Once they have set up camp here, they will look to move on inside towards the warmth of your home

Damage to gutters

Build-up of leaves and dirt will trap water and have it sitting with nowhere to run. This can become too heavy towards the overall weight threshold and eventually damage the brackets and facia and will leave you with an unnecessary repair bill.

Stop the build-up of mould and mildew

With water sitting in a heap of leaves and debris, this can lead to mould, moss and mildew. This is a perfect place to settle for one of our most irritating insects, the mosquito. Apart from the smell, this will look rather nasty and unattractive to passers-by.

Clean gutters will prevent overspill and flooding

Obstruction to water runoff in your gutters leaves it with only one place to go. Overboard. This can cause flooding around the garden and foundation of your home. Continuous water trekking its way underneath your house over time can lead to possible damage of your homes piles or foundation which may cause your house to sink!

Keeping your family healthy

Homes that have a water tank system in place for their water rely on water to runoff the roof, along the gutters and into their tank. Mould, mildew and pests (possibly deceased and rotting) can be contaminating your gutters and spreading harmful diseases to your families drinking water