Chewing gum litter has always been known to give off an unattractive, unhygienic and unwelcoming appearance for Schools, retail, restaurants, businesses and public walkways.

Chewing gum has been plastered and imbedded in our walkways for decades. With 1000s of chewed up and spit out pieces or your Hubba Bubbas, your P.Ks and other jaw chomping brands, how can one keep clean with such a time gruelling exercise? We have the answer!

No need to spend hours upon hours of manual labourer scraping up someone else’s bad habit.
Leave the mess to us! The team at Central Water Blasting will have this problem unstuck in no time. With our specialised industrial hot water blasting system, our experienced team will have your pathways looking like new again. With our enviro friendly process, our 90 degree high pressured water blasting equipment with have the gum “de-chuddied” piece by piece .
We then surface clean the entire area to remove any oil residue left behind .