Water blasting has become one of the most popular options when it comes to outdoor cleaning and washing applications. It is well known to be an effective solution to efficiently clean and wash a variety of surfaces.
The most popular method of water blasting is with cold water using an electric or petrol powered water blaster. This can be an extremely effective way to clean, provided you have the right machine and know-how for the job, however there is another method that in many situations can be even more effective whilst providing additional benefits. Hot water!
Hot water packs a powerful punch when combined with high pressure water blasting.
The additional energy contained in hot water helps reduce the surface tension which helps break down the molecules of grease and grime.
For extra tough cleaning jobs combining pre-soaking bio degradable detergents that emulsify oil, grease and grime hot water blasting really is a superior way to clean.
In addition to a superior clean using hot water also sanitises and disinfects surfaces. A professional hot water blasting set up can blast out 90 C water (near boiling) to not only bust through dirt and grime but leave the surfaces sanitised and hygienic.
Hot water is particularly beneficial for areas where extra environmental consideration is necessary. With no chemicals a hot wash is still highly effective cleaning solution.
Generally if cold water works well, hot water works even better, and faster! You will save time and money by using a water blasting company that uses hot water and you will be amazed at the results.

At Central Property Wash our industrial hot water blasting system is set up to provide our clients with a convenient solution to their cleaning needs; fully mobile with experienced operators who have multiple safety certifications to suit any situation.