Apart the from obvious visual benefit of a clean house there are numerous advantages of getting your house professionally washed.
The build-up of contaminates such as salt, moss, mould, algae, lichen, air pollution and grease can have long term detrimental effects on your houses paint work, it can cause paint to break down over time and prevent it from serving its main purpose, protecting your cladding. If your paint is compromised your cladding could absorb moisture and this could cause serious issues such as rot and decay. These contaminates are unfortunately at times unavoidable however they must be cleaned off to prevent long term damage to your homes exterior.
Another advantage of getting your house washed by a professional house wash company is getting rid of spiders and bugs. Creepy crawlies love making the their home on our house exteriors but they can create an unsightly mess, particularly spider webs. They can also find their way into and nest in the walls and cavities of your home. A professional house wash can rid your houses exterior of spider webs, eggs and the mess they leave behind.
After a house wash is a good time to have your house sprayed for bugs. Ask you house washing company if they can provide this service.
Getting your house washed can have significant financial benefits. The value of your home can increase after a professional wash, compared to a dirty uninviting house. A good time to have your house washed is just before listing it on the market or before getting a property valuation . Your valuer takes into consideration how well your house is maintained.
Another financial benefit is that regular washing will prolong the life of your paint and minimise the likely hood of needing a re paint. A little money invested now will most certainly save you in the long run.
The health of your family is of the upmost importance and an unwashed house is a breeding ground for mould and allergens that can be harmful to you and your family. They can cause sickness, coughing, sneezing and itchy eyes. The cleaning products used by professional house wash companies are designed to not only clean exterior surfaces but also kill mould and allergens. These chemicals are bio degradable and safe for family members, pets and plants.
Lastly, a clean freshly washed house says you are a proud home owner who is serious about maintaining your most precious investment. There really is something special about coming home to a clean well presented home that is safe for your family.

At Central Property Wash we specialise is house washing. We use the latest specialist equipment, bio degradable, safe cleaning products and friendly trained staff. We take the hassle out of washing your house and will save you hours, even days of your time. Contact us today for a free quote.