Concrete and other hard surfaces at residential and commercial properties need regular cleaning to prevent not only unsightly discolouration but also the build-up of dangerous algae and mould.

Driveways, paths, car parks, shop entrances, school grounds and other hard surfaces can become a serious slipping hazard to the homeowner and the public if left un treated.
The best way to effectively and efficiently clean concrete and other hard surfaces is with an industrial high pressure water blaster preferably a hot water system.
Introducing hot water into the high pressure water blasting equation increases the effectiveness significantly. A professional hot water blasting system can generate steaming hot water up to 90 C at 3000 psi and blast out 31 litres per minute.

When using a water blaster to clean hard flat surfaces the narrow jet can cause an un even application of the pressurised water and this can cause an undesirable finish. The professionals use a specialised accessory called a Whirlaway. It is designed to increase productivity by cleaning a larger area at once but more importantly does an amazing job of evenly distributing the water. Two nozzles spin rapidly within the Whirlaways housing applying the water close to the ground, penetrating the pores of the surface giving it a deep long lasting clean. Any over spray is contained within the housing and reduces water waste.
A professional Whirlaway set up can clean approximately 20 square metres per minute leaving your surface clean and sanitised. Perfect for….

Residential driveway cleaning
Commercial driveway cleaning
Carpark cleaning
Shop entrance cleaning
Paver cleaning
Tar seal cleaning
Pathway cleaning
Sports surface cleaning
Workshop floor cleaning
Large deck cleaning
Patio Cleaning