Water blasters have become a popular piece of household equipment and for those keen on tackling a bit of DIY they can be an effective tool when used correctly for general cleaning and washing down surfaces.
However one thing you should never use your water blaster on is your house! Yes, that’s right your house! Unfortunately many homeowners have been led to believe their houses are benefiting from a good blasting but the truth is they are likely doing more harm than good.

Reasons NOT to water blast your house

Penetrating water

Your house is likely full of gaps, cracks and cavities which when water is applied at high pressure or in the wrong direction can cause water to penetrate into the walls of your house. Once excessive water is in behind your cladding I can be difficult to dry out as the moisture is held within the framing timber, insulation and even the gib.
Your windows can also be problematic when sprayed with water at high pressure. Older houses with timber windows are designed for the water to simply run down the windows not blasted directly at them at 2000-3000psi . Even new windows with rubber seals can not with stand the power of a water blaster. Scott Bremner, award winning Master Builder told us “It gives me the shivers when I see someone using a water blaster at high pressure on their house , all I can think of is the water getting in through gaps and cavities and into the frames”

Damage to paint work

We hear of it all to often when a perfectly good paint job gets completely ruined by an over eager water blaster operator. Water blasters are designed to clean dirt and grime from surfaces the same could happen to you houses paint work, a cost to repair you don’t want to have to pay!
If you do not physically see paint comes off your walls when water blasting your house you will more than likely be wearing away at the top layer and leaving it worse off than when you set out to clean it in the first place! In an attempt to maintain your paint you have in fact have deteriorated it!

Gouging the cladding

While water blasting homeowners may be tempted to get up close to the cladding on extra dirty spots. This can result in serious damage to the surface and even gouge into the cladding leaving them with an expensive, time consuming repair job.

So what’s the solution?

The experienced team at Central Property Wash offer a safe alternative using low pressure soft wash and the know how to accurately apply the water so it deflects away from areas prone to water penetration. Their specialised process combines a careful pre rinse, a gentle foam application to breakdown and lift dirt and grime, a final rinse with a specially designed low pressure nozzle and a final spot quality check to ensure nothing has been missed. Our bio degradable cleaning products are designed to break down dirt, grime and mould not blow it away with high pressure.