Whether you own or lease a commercial building it is a serious investment and one worth looking after. Investing in regular maintenance is a must to ensure you protect your asset. Washing the exterior of your building is one of the key maintenance practices to undertake, one that really needs to be left to the experts with professional equipment to ensure safety compliance and that no damage is done.
Here are 5 main reason you should wash your commercial building


A clean building is far more appealing to the public, customers, tenants or purchasers when selling. A visually clean building shows you take pride in your investment.

Prevent long lasting damage

Built up dirt, grime and organic growth can cause serious long term damage to your buildings paint and cladding system. Salt and pollution in our air can attribute to this build up which can compromise paint and cladding coatings. Many cladding products require regular washing to maintain their warranties.

Meet you lease obligations

Many commercial buildings have maintenance requirements and terms on their lease. Regular washing of the building can be one of them. Scheduling building washes with a professional building wash company can be an hassle free way of meeting these obligations.

Competitive edge

As mentioned above a clean looking building is an important factor when running a business from a commercial premises. A large advantage of having a clean, regularly washed building is standing out against your competitors, studies have shown customers a more likely to shop at a clean premises than a dirty unmaintained premises. Which seems very much like common sense.

Save on further maintenance

Investing in regular building washing now will save you big costs in the long run. Washing paint work and claddings will extend their life significantly and reduce the need for expensive re painting.

Central Property Wash provides a full range of commercial building and property washing services. With experienced trained staff, specialised equipment and techniques our friendly team can safely and efficiently wash your building to meet your expectations. We use biodegradable cleaning products and/or hot wash techniques to help minimise the effect on our environment. You can count on us for a highly professional service and result.