Your roof is a very important component of your home, this is why it's very important to maintain it with regular washing. Left untreated your roof can accumulate build up of organic matter that can be detrimental to its performance.
The most common forms of this organic growth is moss mould and lichen and here in New Zealand how harsh weather conditions and environment promote the growth of these damaging organisms .


A dirty unclean roof can lower the street appeal of your house drastically . many people take the time to clean the exterior of the home and keep the gardens and lawns looking tidy but all of that hard work can go to waste if your roof remains a mess . your roof can be the focal point of your house so it can't be neglected, especially if you are going to sell it .


Dirt, Grime, Moss, mould, lichen and other contaminants not only look uappealing but they can cause long lasting damage to your roof material or paint.
the particular damage to your roof can depend on the type of roof you have .

Metal roofs such as colour Steel or metal tiles is the most common roof material in New Zealand it is used for its lightweight benefit and excellent weather ability, however your metal roof will only last if it is regular cleaned . airborne salts and pollutants can corrode metal roof coatings particularly if they are held within moss and lichen, these growths can cause moisture traps which can breakdown the surface coating and cause rust. Metal roof manufactures recommend cleaning roofs regularly to meet warranty obligations.

Concrete or clay tile roofs have been a popular choice for New Zealand roofs since the early 1900s as they have proven to be a long lasting option, provided they are maintained. Unfortunately one of the issues with concrete or clay tiles is that they are highly susceptible to organic growth. Moss, mould and lichen attached themselves to the porous surface of the tiles and in cracks and crevasses. This growth can prevent the roof from performing properly by holding moisture and transferring the moisture to the tile itself, this can cause excess moisture in your roof space and home. The excess growth of moss and lichen can lift and move tiles from there correct position causing leaks in your roof it can also damage critical mortar joints.
It is common to see concrete or clay tiles with a black coating appearing like dirt, this is not dirt however, it is algae or mould clinging to your tiles, creating an unsightly roof and an unhygienic environment for your family.
Regular cleaning and treating concrete or clay tiles is critical for the longevity of your roof.


Decramastic tile or stone chip tile roofs are a galvanised pressed metal tile coated in a bitumen layer with a stone or sand finish. They were a popular choice of roofing in the 70s and 80s. Much like concrete and clay roof tiles they are highly prone to moss, mould and lichen as the textured surface allows for an ideal surface for growth to attach to. Unfortunately organic growth can be extremely detrimental to the coatings on decramastic tiles, their root systems can damage the sandy bitumen, this can cause moisture to become trapped under the coatings and rust the metal.
Regular inspections and maintenance of decramastic tiles are a must and this starts with regular professional cleaning.

Butynol roofs are made of durable rubber membranes laid over and adhered too a solid backing, usually ply wood. They are commonly used to create roofs with very low pitch. Butynol is rust proof, water proof and extremely resilient to New Zealand’s harsh conditions. It is not however, resistant to the development of moss, mould and lichen, infact due to typical low slope of a butynol roof it can promote pooling of water and this excess moisture can cause unwanted organic growth. Moss, mould and lichen can be particularly bad for the overlapping joins of butynol roofing, they can cause lifting of the joins, once growths gets underneath the join it will keep working its way deeper slowly lifting the join.
To prevent damage to butynol roofs frequent washing with the correct products and techniques is highly recommended.

Premature replacement

It’s sad to see that many people will spends thousands of dollars replacing their roof due its it tired look. In many cases a simple roof wash from a professional company that know what they’re doing can achieve amazing results and restore your roof to its former glory.
Preventative maintenance is the key for the longevity of your roof but its never too late to start, a roof wash can achieve a look you may not have thought possible on your roof.

Central Property Wash are your local experts when it comes to roof cleaning and moss, mould and lichen treatment. We have the specialised equipment, experienced staff and safe work practises to meet your roof washing requirements.