The number one priority for your business, is “business”. First impressions are everything. That is why it is important having your property looking clean and well maintained. It showcases your company’s professionalism and attention to detail. Not to mention a welcoming approach to your valid employees, clients and potential customers.

Keeping your property looking fresh and well maintained will help prevent ongoing repairs and damage to one of your most important assets. Apart from looking unattractive, build-up of bird droppings, dirt, mould and other types of growth can actually be deteriorating your building.
Regular pressure washing can reduce the risk of ongoing maintenance and save your company precious time and money in the long run!

An employee or member of the public just slipped on a dirty, mouldy surface on your premises?
You’re liable! Apart from the substantial penalties your business is about to front, this is something that is totally unnecessary and completely avoidable. Regular upkeep on your businesses footpaths and carparks from mould, grease and other nasty substances is vital.

The experienced team at Central Water Blasting have this covered! With our specialised hot water blasting equipment and professional eco-friendly approach, CWB will have your property looking substantially sanitised from head to toe and improve the ever so important “first impressions”.