You just spent your entire Saturday afternoon water blasting your driveway, the dirt, grime and baked on marks are no match for your brand new water blaster you bought from local hardware shop. You’re extremely happy with your efforts as you stand back with a beer in hand to admire your work. 

You notice where you started has begun to dry our completely and there appears to be some funny squiggly lines forming. You give it a scuff with your boot nothing happens. So you decide to give it another wash and wait for it to dry again but no matter what you do the lines stay or get worse.
Oh dear! Sounds like you’ve got an all too familiar case of water blaster streaks.
Water blasting streaks can appear on a range of surfaces after water blasting, there are a number of factors that can cause this issue.

Incorrect nozzle
Uneven application
To much pressure or not enough pressure
In some cases, lack of chemical cleaners

In other words you need to know what you’re doing and choose the correct technique for the application.
Why spend hundreds of dollars and endless hours to end up with an unsatisfactory finish.

For as little as $150 + GST the team at Central Property Wash can provide professional results with their industrial hot and cold water blasting system worth up wards of $30,000. They use experience and knowledge to correctly clean a range of surfaces at your property including

House washing
Driveway cleaning
Deck cleaning
Fence cleaning
Roof cleaning
BBQ cleaning
Path cleaning
Patio cleaning
and much more…

You will be amazed how efficiently our water blasting system and experienced team can tackle any outdoor cleaning job.